Best place to store your Photos

Best place to store your Photos by Charly As many know there are numerous ways to store your photos. The best place to store your photos is an individual preference. You have Clouds, Picture sites and External Hard Drives (EXHDD), but which is right for you? Simply put wherever you think is the best place… Continue reading Best place to store your Photos

Watermarks on Art

  Watermarks on Art by Charly Watermarks on Art found on the web are hotly debated: To use or not to use, that is the question. Personally I went through both stages; watermarking my work as a new photographer, to not using watermarks and back to using them. For each individual who puts images of… Continue reading Watermarks on Art

Make a Travel List, then Pack

Make a Travel List, then Pack by Charly Why make a travel list? Well it saves on time packing and usually will ensure you forget nothing. So having one is just a good plan overall. Have you ever arrived at a destination to find out you had forgotten something essential? I have and when you… Continue reading Make a Travel List, then Pack

My Drive Around Italy

My Drive Around Italy by Charly In 2011, I went to Italy for a month with just me, myself and I. A single, mature woman, 50+ years young, spent 6+ months planning my dream trip of a life time and opted to rent a economical 4 door hatchback diesel with manual transmission. Why you may… Continue reading My Drive Around Italy