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About Black and White Prints

This page is about Black and White, a true love of mine! Whether shooting film or turning digital color images to B&W, I find the void of color absolutely stunning and more intense. I will attempt to explain some things about it and how I handle the printing of my Black and White images. After some basic information, you’ll find more about the Black and White pieces I offer


As many of you know, the only true B&W print is found on silver gelatin paper used in the printing of film. Unless chemicals are added or a toned paper is used to gain a color tint, silver gelatin paper always gives you true Black and White print. No color what-so-ever on any print ever! Guess that’s why I love to shoot, develop and print from film. Plus there’s not much that can match the longevity of the “old way” of making prints

In case you’re wondering; Unfortunately no I am not offering any of my 35mm or Large Format one-of-a-kind prints at this time. But… I am working on building a darkroom so stay tuned! Hope to have it finished within the year…


Have you ever taken black and white “digital” images, not film, somewhere to be printed? Many will say yes of course. But the real question is: How many times have you picked up your B&W print(s) only to see it with a color tint? Unfortunately this happens more often than you might think. Why?

There are many variables that come into play as to why; how the files were saved, how they were edited and with what program, what paper is used, what ICC profile is used, and the list goes on and on and on. What I have often experienced is B&W digital files coming out with a green, blue, pink or yellow color tint to them. For a true lover of Black and White images, that simply is not good enough!! For me personally anyway…

If one chooses to use a specific paper for their “digital” files, there’s always the risk of a color tint to a B&W print. Papers usually have a warm or cool tone to them, since they are mostly for color prints. Depending on where one has theirs printed, it could be a slight tint to a very noticeable one. Of course as the old saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for’, so it shouldn’t come as surprise when it does happen


Most “digital” images today are printed on an InkJet Printer. The quality of the printer also comes into play as one would imagine. I’ve tried many places with different printers to achieve stunning and beautiful B&W prints to my high standards. Though some where perfectly fine, I wanted that wet process look I get from printing from film without the chance of a color tint and that’s what you will receive when you purchase a Fine Art Black and White unframed piece!

Though chemical processing has become a thing of the pass with the “digital” age, thankfully a select few out there have found a way to reproduce a “digital” file through a wet chemical process onto silver gelatin RC paper and even Fiber based. Just like it was printed from film in a darkroom! The results are a true B&W print w/o color tint! As one can imagine, this process doesn’t come cheap, but so well worth it to a lover of True B&W pieces!




Fine Art B&W unframed prints come on Silver Gelatin Fiber Based paper. They are printed using a wet chemical process, the same as a darkroom print. The Fiber based prints are archivally washed, carefully dried and flattened, which is necessary for this type of paper. If you’re not familiar with Fiber based prints, they are unlike anything else out there and a favorite of many darkroom photographers. Black and White pieces are digitally signed on the front of image.

I personally inspect each piece before shipping to ensure it meets my high quality standards. My signature along with Title, Location and Year Taken is on the back of each print and a Certificate of Authenticity is included

Turn around time is longer for this process and normally takes 7 – 10 business days. Larger prints may take longer and I ask for your patience



These unframed prints are printed on silver gelatin RC Pearl paper (similar to luster paper) through a wet chemical process, washed and dried. My digital signature is on the front of every piece. For a little more than the Standard prints, you can be sure to receive a true Black and White print

I personally inspect each piece to ensure it meets my high quality standards. My signature along with Title, Location and Year Taken is on the back of each print and a Certificate of Authenticity is included

Turn around time is normally 7 – 10 business days, sometimes shorter

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