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“Photography isn’t just a job to me … It’s my passion! ~ Charly”

About the photographer: Charly McConnell

About me, well you could say I’m addicted to capturing moments. Though I grew up in a house full of  cameras, it wasn’t until my trip to Ireland that the photography bug bit me hard. On my return, I went from hobbyist to a passionate photographer. I have been honing my craft ever since; winning numerous awards and recognitions; some of my work published in photo contest books.

Ever since a child, I had always wanted to see Italy. Especially to take in all its rich history and beautiful Architecture. In 2011, I was fortunate to take my dream trip of a lifetime and spent a glorious month driving around this beautiful country. I’m very glad I opted to drive around then take any tours. This allowed me to see, experience and fall in love with Italy.

I returned with thousands of images and memories that will last a lifetime. I had such a great time, that one day I hope to return and spend 2 months driving around Italy. There were places I went, that needed more time to explore, and many places I missed. Honestly, I wish I could spend a year in the beautiful country of Italy!

I do mainly location shoots for clients. I do not have a studio, but can acquire a studio if necessary to fulfill your requirements.

You can contact me for personal or commercial photo shoots at Bookings@PrintsofItaly.com

Charly McConnell
Freelance Photographer
PO Box 172892
Arlington, TX 76003

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