Best place to store your Photos


8. Quick Import does just what it says and I will cover this in more detail in a moment

9. Button in lower left corner of the Import Module allows you to move between Full and Quick Import. The reference image is in Full Import Module

Here is what the Quick Import Module looks like if you click on the button (#9)

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Quick Import (Lr 4.2)

1. Source   2. Action   3. Save Where   4. Apply During Import   5. File Handling   6. Destination   7. Quick Import Presets

Well now isn’t that sleek and trim compared to the Full Module? Again using this is an individual preference, as some prefer seeing everything which includes images, while others don’t. Yet with the Quick Import Module it’s just a matter of looking over a few things, then click on Import and it’s ready to go

1. Check to be sure the Source is correct

2. The Action you’re using is white

3. Your images are importing to the correct drive

4. Add Metadata preset and keywords

5. Ensure the File Handling info is correct

6. Make sure the correct destination is showing (NOTE: I gave up on using a bunch of folders long ago, I don’t use sub-folders and all my images dump into a single folder now. Remember I utilize Smart Collections)

7. Choose the Preset you want to use. You can have as many as you want with different settings from the initial Full Module setups


By Charly

A freelance photographer that spent a month driving around Italy