Best place to store your Photos

After I click on Import, my originals are saved to 2 EXHDDs. From here I will copy over those originals to another one, though I only do this when I’ve collected enough. In other words, I don’t copy over each import immediately, unless there are numerous images. I retrieve the offsite EXHDD about once a month to add to.

It is very important to remember, this only covers your original images! This article does NOT cover how to copy or backup your edits and catalogs. I’m simply ensuring that no matter what, I have all my original image files on 4 drives. If I lose a Lr catalog with all it’s edits that would mean I’ve lost all my editing information, but none of my original images. That’s the great thing about Lightroom! It never touches your original images, it just makes note of the editing you’ve done to specific images. Personally, I’d rather have to re-edit images, then lose any original RAW image file.

In a future article, I’ll go in depth on how to copy and backup your catalog with photos. Remember that backing up a catalog is great to do, but if you don’t back up your photo edits with it, then Lr will not recognize the photos when you open the catalog!


I hope this article, Best place to store your Photos, helps you develop a workflow to protect your precious images. Ensuring you don’t lose one single image if the unthinkable happens! Feel free to ask any questions you may have in comments. Have a great day!


By Charly

A freelance photographer that spent a month driving around Italy