Venice, Burano and Murano

The Veneto Region includes 3 famous islands: Venice, Burano and Murano that set in a lagoon in the upper NE coast of Italy. There are other islands in the lagoon also: San Giorgio Maggiore, Torcello, San Michele (cemetery), Lido di Venezia and Mazzorbo that is connected to Burano by a footbridge. This collection of images covers mainly the 3 well known islands that a traveler would enjoy getting lost on

It is said one can walk Venice from one end to the other easily and it’s true. On a map it looks fairly large, but one day I took a boat to Rialto Bridge, went north to walk around San Polo, then headed south over the Rialto bridge, enjoyed trying to get lost by walking lesser traveled streets and before I knew it, I was back to my apartment which was located south of Giardini. So I grabbed a bite to eat and headed back out again.

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