Copyright: Facts vs Myths

Copyright: Facts vs Myths by Charly PREFACE: I am not an attorney, but a photographer. There is heated debate, publicly and in the courts, on how this all works when it comes to copyright. The reality is the rights of artists… no I should say “EVERYONE” are being chiseled away on a daily basis. Whether… Continue reading Copyright: Facts vs Myths

Should I really chance it?

Should I really chance it? by Charly *** I don’t know about you, but overall I’m pretty adventurous and been that way my whole life. Always taking chances and more than a couple of times were very scary to say the least, even for me. In most situations, I actually ask myself, ‘Should I really… Continue reading Should I really chance it?

Horrific Storm

  Horrific Storm by Charly   I drove the backroads to find when I arrived at Vernazza, I had to park on the steep, narrow road above the village and walk with luggage downhill. Yes being in shape is a good plan if visiting Italy, as many of the villages and towns I visited had… Continue reading Horrific Storm

Make a Travel List, then Pack

Make a Travel List, then Pack by Charly Why make a travel list? Well it saves on time packing and usually will ensure you forget nothing. So having one is just a good plan overall. Have you ever arrived at a destination to find out you had forgotten something essential? I have and when you… Continue reading Make a Travel List, then Pack

My Drive Around Italy

My Drive Around Italy by Charly In 2011, I went to Italy for a month with just me, myself and I. A single, mature woman, 50+ years young, spent 6+ months planning my dream trip of a life time and opted to rent a economical 4 door hatchback diesel with manual transmission. Why you may… Continue reading My Drive Around Italy